Accreditations (HSEQ)

Centrals is a highly credentialed business with comprehensive externally accredited systems.

Centrals integrated Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) Management System promotes effective leadership and implementation of risk control processes to continuously improve our HSEQ performance for the benefit of our people, clients and other stakeholders.

Centrals certification includes

  • Health & Safety - ISO 45001
  • Environment - ISO 14001
  • Quality - ISO 9001
  • Office of the Federal Safety Commission (OFSC)  
                                          SGS iso45001SGS iso45001

Health and Safety

Centrals has a strong safety record and safety is a fundamental element of the way in which we deliver our work. With a focus on good work practices that are essential for our people and our business to succeed.  Our people are committed to implementing and following our robust systems of work to help ensure that everyone goes home safe every day.


Centrals is committed to minimising impact to the environment. We use our environmental systems and processes with appropriate risk controls to reduce environmental damage within all aspects of our business.


Centrals has comprehensive quality management processes established to ensure that our clients always receive quality works with all standards met and our accreditations being maintained.